Alameda Health System

Case Study:

This non-profit healthcare network and their hospitals, established in 1864, serve San Francisco’s East Bay healthcare needs. As a pillar in the bay area, they lead in extending care, wellness, and preventive services to all. AHS knows they need to constantly adapt and transform when it comes to caring for a growing and diverse community.

Business Situation

Alameda Health Systems (AHS) needed to dramatically improve their project standards, procedures, and technology to handle the incoming growth in patient services. Further, they needed great accessibility in regards to supporting an aging workforce in such a heavily regulated industry (HIPPA).

Solution Delivered

Advisicon helped identify which was the right project, program, and portfolio management technology to use and how exactly to scale the technology to fit with their need. Also important: standardize their Project Management Office, Control Center, and create a Center of Excellence in delivering projects. Starting out, AHS deployed Project Server and then went on to Project Online. Within their PM software, they integrated a complex series of Excel, SharePoint, and Power BI reports, views, and reporting processes to keep their stakeholders current while planning infrastructure and internal project work, all without disrupting patient care.

Benefits Received

By implementing technology alongside methodology and weaving in training for their end users, they were able to overcome internal objections to taking on more work and centralizing it into an enterprise Project PPM toolset. AHS enjoyed having visibility into their workload, resource capacity modeling, cost modeling, and forecasting for future project planning. They now work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

The Company Today

Alameda Health Systems continues to grow and innovate their care programs and infrastructure to deliver a modern, 21st century caring experience. The importance of streamlining & delivering their projects on-time, on-budget and as promised is paramount to their continued center of project, program, and portfolio management excellence.

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