Dental & Medical Staffing

Case Study:

This Pacific Northwest-based staffing company has been matching qualified candidates with dentistry and health care jobs since 1983. Tracking system capabilities have been revolutionized in the decades since they started, and Dental Medical Staffing has consistently invested in keeping their business engine up to date with the latest tech.

Business Situation

Dental Medical had the best sort of problem to have—their massive company growth required that they build an entirely new staffing, placing, tracking, and candidate engine that could run their business with ease. This solution needed to be accessed by multiple people across different states and locations, as well as provide real-time updates for job seekers, dental, and medical customers needing immediate to long-term staffing.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon built three generations of their main company business engine. Starting as Microsoft Access, it was taken to SQL Server and ultimately landed as a web-based .NET interface to stay competitive and current in a secure, stable application. Advisicon partnered with Dental Medical Staffing to provide a custom solution with better reporting and additional IT infrastructure support. We answered their growing business needs with an agile solution that could have quick enhancements, major revisions, and customizations, all without taking down their business and central tracking system.

Benefits Received

What once required manual data entry, lookups, and tracking, is now centralized in an enterprise-level customer and application tracking & reporting tool. Most excitingly, it provides real-time cost modeling! Also live, customer and application ranking, tracking, and matching.

The Company Today

Dental Medical Staffing provides ongoing support to its growing customer base without a hitch. Advisicon’s central tracking system solution has provided the managers and owners a better dashboard and tracking system, reducing the labor and overhead of running the business while giving the resources using it an effective, high-quality system to continue scaling into the 21st century. With the COVID 19 pandemic, it was more important than ever for hospitals and other medical centers to be able to solve staffing emergencies. The company was and is proud to be available night or day, seven days a week to meet the medical community’s most crucial needs.

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