Elevator Consulting Services

Case Study:

ECS are experts in elevators, but needed help when it came to project management software. That’s where Advisicon comes in! Without a tracking system, we saw ECS working inefficiently and scrambling when key resources were out of office. After MS Project implementation, they manage their workload more successfully, satisfy more customers, and have enhanced forecasting abilities to top it all off.

Business Situation

Elevator Consulting Services (ECS) had a problem: with a team of international consultants, meeting, managing, and overseeing customer implementations had to shift from individual management into a centralized tracking, planning, document storage, and reporting structure. Since the skillsets for permitting, design, and construction varied greatly, it was hard to manage all of the incoming new work and the existing portfolio of projects without doubling up the resources to track and manage it all.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon helped ECS migrate from individual spreadsheets, Outlook, and file folders to a centralized Microsoft Project Online environment where both current work (existing tasks) and future work could be modeled, managed, and tracked. Furthermore, any related documents, designs, drawings, or other information were readily available.

Benefits Received

By implementing Project Online, ECS was able to streamline its operations. Their extensive document library provides one place for anyone to readily find and reference the exact information they need. They’ve cut down on missed deadlines by managing their workload effectively. By tracking work and activities by skillsets and resources, they’ve opened it up so that key resources could be backfilled if emergencies, vacations, or other key interruptions occurred. Customer satisfaction rose by 100%, and the internal concerns regarding workload and scalability were now visible and aligned. Their system allows ECS to grow by having dashboards and reports coming from a central data set (one version of the truth) for insights into their current projects and forecasting for the future.

The Company Today

Based out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota, these experts in vertical transportation continue to provide services with objective engineering, evaluation, and experience. As a partner with the Target Corporation, they’ve received an Award of Excellence from them for their extraordinary passion for performance and superior business practices. ECS uses its technology systems to ensure that they’re always up to date on area building codes, on top of project schedules, and keeping their team of international consultants on the same page.

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