Green Meadows Care

Case Study:

This adult retirement and care facility, located in the Pacific Northwest, provides care and assistance for aging adults, while partnering with their families to provide Christian care and services. They needed help managing their digital systems and improving their project management processes.

Business Situation

Green Meadows was looking to improve their existing IT technologies and eliminate the tedious on-premises environment care and input into existing machines. They were ready to move beyond their strategy utilizing a blend of different solutions. Green Meadows also wanted to optimize their project & work management into an easy-to-follow, update, and manage system to allow them to deliver the ongoing work and strategic projects more rapidly.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon helped to convert their existing machines to Office 365 and simplified their licensing. We increased the ease of managing their staff’s tools and applications. Advisicon provided training, consulting support, and ongoing access to our learning management portal to help them continue to adjust and improve their existing Office applications as well as manage their tasks in Planner, Project, and Microsoft To-Do.

Benefits Received

The approach we took was done just in time and allowed the staff at Green Meadows to learn, update, use, and improve their productivity. The efficiency of managing their IT systems was improved by 50%, while simultaneously reducing the overall time to manage and care for their current tools and applications. The business owners were then able to lean up their organization and focus on the tasks of selling the business to new owners. They could then retire and focus on non-profit work for suicide prevention with Our City Cares.

The Company Today

Green Meadows today is fully run with Office 365 environment and applications. They enjoy a simplified IT management approach and have been able to take on and manage much of the work they had originally outsourced—increasing their margins as well as providing stable and reliable productive working tools for their staff. They continue their commitment to providing safe, comfortable, happy living conditions for the elderly in their care.

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