Johnson Thermal System

Case Study:

As a manufacturer of cooling and power packaging solutions, JTS has a large facility that is constantly expanding. Their workload keeps pace with this steady expansion, and without a project management system in place, they struggled to keep track of their business. With Advisicon’s help, they now easily track each project’s status.

Business Situation

Johnson Thermal Systems (JTS) was continuing to grow during pre-COVID and mid-COVID environments yet had only centralized Excel trackers to record key milestones, deliverables, and handoffs for new to existing project work. This was very labor-intensive and required the owners, CEO, and the entire leadership team to manually update information weekly, stalling their ability to be working on growth and organization strategy.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon converted their manual processes and Excel-based trackers to Project PPM and Project Online. We leveraged free project management tools (Planner, MS Teams) for key parts while centralizing portfolio modeling (new portfolio work with existing portfolio work) and connecting it to their global resource pool. This was crucial to ensuring that the project side was not overengineered. We gave them not only a light licensing footprint but also a light end-user footprint, guaranteeing that, instead of senior staff updating project information, resources who were doing or managing the work could quickly update their information. All this reported data is rolled back into a centralized Project PPM set of dashboards, reports, and views originating from Microsoft or other ERP Financials.

Benefits Received

Advisicon was able to build integration and reduce the original overall licensing cost estimate by 70%! By automating and integrating their existing manual processes, time was freed up for staff to focus on more important work. Moving to more direct, centralized project management tracking and reporting tools allowed the leadership team to focus on strategic work vs. having to chase down details of daily or weekly work activities.

The Company Today

Johnson Thermal continues to operate successfully out of their Idaho facility, supplying their products worldwide. We know that they’ll stay on track by continuing to utilize their PM system & this winning mindset: “JTS puts a large emphasis on communication, with all departments working closely together to ensure the success of a project.”

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