Living Hope Church

Case Study:

Living Hope Church’s leadership team was experiencing frustrations in staff communications. Meeting invitations were sent sporadically by text message, phone call, email, or even post-it note. Files were confusing with multiple document versions existing and no one knowing which was the most current. Projects were being worked on, but leaders had no way to see status. LHC knew that their time was getting wasted and contacted Advisicon for help.

Business Situation

Living Hope Church (LHC) needed efficiency tools that would allow the leadership team and staff to communicate better and use their time more advantageously.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon met with the LHC leadership team to gather their needs and desires moving forward. To help meet these requirements, we began by becoming their CSP and assigning them free trials of Microsoft 365. Next, we migrated their Google email addresses to Outlook. This proved a lengthy process as some employees had thousands of files & folders to migrate! Advisicon assisted them with the setup, licensing, and support of Microsoft 365 Nonprofit Business Premium licenses.

To improve Living Hope Church’s efficiency, Advisicon taught church staff Outlook (Part I and Part II), MS Project, Teams, and Planner. If issues popped up with the tech, our team provided support as needed.

Benefits Received

Meeting invitations are now a standardized process and easily set up. LHC staff uses Outlook to manage their calendars and communicate through Teams. Advisicon’s assistance in moving them to a cloud-based Microsoft 365 platform has improved productivity by over 30%—letting them spend more time on the most important work of all: caring for the needs of others.

The Company Today

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Living Hope Church was fully equipped to stay on the same page remotely.

LHC Staff raves, “Advisicon has played a critical role in helping Living Hope Church migrate over to Office 365. From helping with Office licenses, extensive employee training, to tech support and constant communication, we couldn’t be where we’re at now without their amazing assistance. The entire team is always friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Advisicon and seeing what our church will accomplish alongside them. Thank you!”

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