Marriage Team

Case Study:

MarriageTeam struggled with the number of Excel spreadsheets they were pouring through to find the exact data they needed. We helped streamline their information into an easy Power BI report and find all the data in one place.

Needing to find new ways to gain a larger audience through their marketing efforts, we co-hosted a worldwide webinar to help increase visibility on a large scale.

Business Situation

MarriageTeam wanted more specific access to data than they were able to get without tons of time spent looking through various Excel spreadsheets. They wanted to track couples they helped and compare metrics from year to year, see how many coaches were actively providing service, and record how new couples were finding them.

They also needed to find ways to promote their services and products. As a marriage coaching service, they’re always looking for new coaches and couples needing coaching. Their time is limited in how many hours they can spend in marketing efforts. They wanted to know how their current efforts were performing and how to improve reach.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon performed an audit of their report building & data modeling process. We made recommendations to improve and streamline their data. From there Advisicon built an automated Power BI report that would bring in the requested data, for viewing at a moment’s notice.

In the marketing realm, we assessed their website, social media, and branding. Additionally, we co-hosted a worldwide webinar that not only benefited Advisicon’s customers but increased the public knowledge of MarriageTeam’s services.

Benefits Received

The organization now has access to multiple data points in a single Power BI report, viewable at a moment’s notice and always current. MarriageTeam received a report from the audit completed of their marketing efforts stating what they do well and to continue doing, areas to improve, and suggestions for making those improvements.

The Nonprofit Today

The Founder/Executive Director of MarriageTeam states:
“Advisicon has been a tremendous help for us. It has integrated our data collection into a unified dashboard that clearly shows trends and enables us to make better decisions. Advisicon is easy to work with and delivers on schedule.”

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