Providence Healthcare

Case Study:

Providence has a massive network of 51 hospitals & over 1,000 clinics. To manage all the moving parts, they needed a powerful solution that would optimize and automate their work, resource, and asset management. With our help, they use Microsoft’s Power Platform to create the custom apps they need.

Business Situation

Providence Healthcare had originally utilized Smartsheet to build one of the largest integration and customization solutions for project tracking and reporting. This platform was not scalable for them as they were fully moving to Office 365 and wanted to leverage the Power Platform to create custom scheduling, asset management, tracking, and reporting applications for their various hospitals.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon helped map their requirements and line out how to leverage Office 365 and the Power Platform (Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate). These insights were crucial when they revamped their scheduling, tracking, and reporting solutions around managing hospital rooms, nursing workload, and scheduling/managing under and overallocation of key assets in hospitals. Advisicon also helped redesign the interface of these asset/work management tracking systems so that they were easier to use, manage, and gain better insights from than their previous platform.

Benefits Received

By moving to Office 365 and leveraging resource & asset management customizations, they were able to create superior customized solutions (apps) and replicate this across their entire hospital system—spanning many different states. Providence runs more smoothly, with greater efficiency and fewer scheduling conflicts due to their new technology.

The Company Today

As Providence moves forward, they continue to leverage the coaching we provided and apps that we built. They’ve extended the solution approach to other areas and are empowering their staff to continue extending and automating with Microsoft 365’s Power Platform. Most importantly, as virtual care visits exploded onto the scene in 2020, Providence was ready with techniques and a structure that allowed them to meet this growing need and keep running without a hitch.

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