Copilot Executive Briefing Workshop

Course Overview

Are you ready to harness the incredible potential of Microsoft Copilot for your organization’s success? Join us for a three-hour workshop designed to familiarize, envision, and understand how to leverage Copilot for maximum results!

Microsoft Copilot isn’t just another tool – it’s a game-changer. With Copilot, you can interact with your organizational data like never before, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and enhance collaboration across Microsoft 365 applications. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the world of AI-driven tools, this workshop will equip you with knowledge and strategies to implement Copilot effectively within your organization.

The Copilot Executive Briefing Workshop can be delivered in person or remotely. There are no prerequisites.

We cover these key topics:

  • Core Knowledge: A strong understanding of Copilot, its benefits, and its component parts.
  • Risk Mitigation: Best Practices Privacy, labeling, and other security considerations to keep data secure.
  • Introduction to Integration and Deployment: Insights into best practices for adoption planning and prepping your organization for implementing AI-driven tools.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is tailored for a diverse audience, including IT professionals, developers, data analysts, business leaders, and anyone keen on harnessing AI to drive organizational success.


Course Materials

Workshop materials are comprised of a lecture, interactive exercises, documentation, examples, and Q&A sessions.

Course Objectives

Understand Copilot
  • Explore the capabilities of Copilot.
  • Identify different types of Copilot applications.
  • Learn about the benefits of integrating Copilot.
  • See practical examples of Copilot in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and Excel.
Learn How Copilot Works
  • Understand the underlying technology of large language models.
  • Explore how Copilot responds to prompts and queries.
  • Utilize Microsoft Graph to enhance data integration.
  • Learn about semantic indexing and its role in AI-driven applications.
Explore AI Architecture
  • Optimize outputs generated by Copilot.
  • Implement responsible AI practices in Copilot usage.
  • Manage privacy concerns related to Copilot-generated content.
  • Configure sensitivity labels for enhanced security in Teams and document environments.
Discover Additional Security Features
  • Compare and contrast features available in Business Standard versus Business Premium plans for Copilot.
  • Utilize restricted SharePoint search capabilities effectively.
  • Implement Copilot auditing features to ensure compliance and security.
Extend Copilot’s Functionality
  • Utilize Copilot Studio for advanced customization and functionalities.
  • Integrate plugins to extend Copilot’s capabilities in specific applications.
  • Leverage Microsoft Graph connectors to enhance productivity through seamless data integration.

Pain Points This Course Helps!

⚡ Which Copilot should I use?

Explore the diverse perspectives of Copilots, their varying responses to identical queries, and the factors influencing their ability to deliver expert insights or remain unable to respond.

⚡ We have a ton of data but can barely get insights from it.

We’ll teach you how Copilot links into your systems and what data it can and can’t use, helping you navigate data complexity and reducing the headache of information overload.

⚡How do we know data stays private & safe? 

Learn how Copilot prioritizes security, ensuring compliance with regulations and safeguarding sensitive information.

⚡ My organization doesn’t know how to plan and deploy AI at scale.

Advisicon’s workshop equips you with tried-and-true strategies to overcome implementation barriers, ensuring successful integration and maximizing benefits across your organization.

Course Instructors and Accreditation

Our company is made up of Microsoft Certified Professionals. Further, as a Microsoft Solutions Partner company, we have our thumb on the next generation of technology. This workshop will be taught by an industry professional deeply versed in AI and Microsoft technologies.
Advisicon’s goal is to improve your processes and technologies, thus creating measurable results. For over 30 years, we have successfully helped clients accelerate, adapt, and achieve.

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