Adding a Little Spice to Your Microsoft Products

Adding a Little Spice to Your Microsoft Products

Have you ever gone to a buffet and thought the food selection was great, but the food itself was missing something? Have you purchased a car but still needed to take it to the shop to improve its features to fit your needs? Or bought a cookie cutter house and needed to bring in a carpenter to customize the house to your preferences?

Many products are made for the masses. They take the basics of what most people like and make a product that most people will buy. It makes sense: when dealing with groups, it’s hard to meet everyone’s needs.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t build a great product. It just means that you may need to bring in a carpenter, an auto tech, or just add some spices to appeal to those with discerning taste.

Microsoft products work in a lot of the same ways. Their customer base is so large that they make products that meet people’s needs 90% of the time. Power BI is a great tool for visualizing your data, Project is ideal for organizing your projects and resources, Azure is awesome for storing data, and the list goes on.

Even with all their tools, it always seems that they get MOST of what you need, but not everything you need. This is where the Advisicon development team comes in. Our developers are the carpenters for your new house or the mechanics for your new car, the sous chef providing the missing ingredients that make up that 10% gap in your Microsoft Product.

Let’s talk examples

As mentioned before, Power BI is a powerful tool that can show users a culmination of data. Out of the box, it has a ton of visuals that can be used to show trends, predictions, or correlations that one might not normally see. But maybe there is a way you would like to view your data that isn’t available, or wish you had a capability that you aren’t seeing.

The development team will work with you to design and create a personalized visual that fits your data and your needs. How about creating a Gantt Chart with extra formatting or columns, or a personalized KPI image or graphic? You make a suggestion, we’ll find the answer.

How about SharePoint? SharePoint is rich and dynamic, with features that allow its users to automate processes, share and collaborate with documents and lists, and bring together teams to work more efficiently and cohesively. However, there are a lot of things that SharePoint doesn’t do well, such as integrations with 3rd party apps or the creation of specific workflows to streamline your process. An Advisicon developer can create those custom workflows, enabling you to save time and money on those day-to-day complications.

Microsoft creates tools that are powerful and beneficial to their customers. They help improve work performance, efficiency, and ease of coordinating resources and projects daily. But when those tools can’t finish the job to your liking, we provide the options to fill in those gaps.

So, the next time you are feeling stuck with a bland Microsoft product, contact Advisicon and our kitchen of cooks to see if we can add a little spice to your project recipe.