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Since our inception, we have been at the forefront of Project Management consulting, setting new standards in Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (PPM). Our journey began with a vision to innovate and apply best practices across diverse industries, ensuring excellence in project execution and strategic alignment.

In our early years, we broke new ground by integrating cutting-edge project management methodologies from various sectors, tailoring them to meet the unique needs of our clients across different domains. Our innovative approach has ensured excellence in project execution and strategic alignment.

As a trusted Microsoft Partner and PMI (Project Management Institute) Authorized Training Provider, we are uniquely positioned to provide world-class solutions and expertise. Our growth and global expansion have enabled us to support clients in every industry and region, offering comprehensive solutions that drive transformation and achieve strategic goals.

Today, Advisicon stands as a premier consulting firm, renowned for our expansive capabilities, global presence, and holistic suite of PM/PMO services. 

PPM Services

Our solutions are crafted to address your unique needs and adapt as your organization grows. Whether you’re launching a new initiative or need to steer an existing one back on course, we offer the expertise and tools to ensure your success.

Strategic Alignment Solutions

Advisicon offers services to align your projects, programs, and portfolios with your organization's strategic vision. We help you prioritize and execute work that directly contributes to your business objectives.

Resource Optimization Services

Our expertise in resource management ensures that you have the right people, budget, and technology allocated to your projects and programs. We optimize resource allocation for maximum efficiency.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Advisicon provides comprehensive risk management services. We identify potential project and program risks, assess their impact, and develop strategies to mitigate them, safeguarding your initiatives.

Reporting And Dashboard Development

Our teams provide the project management, data science, and process automation capabilities to design and deploy PPM dashboard solutions purpose-made for your organization – taking you from data to decisions.

Project Staffing

Our highly-vetted project management professionals are hand-picked just for you, to meet your project needs, match your company culture and ensuring enhanced project oversight, efficiency, and successful delivery of your initiatives.

Training & Coaching

Whether you have been managing projects for years or you are brand new to project management, we offer personalized training solutions and courses that will provide you with practical skills to improve your project success.

Common Problems We Solve

How We Help

How do you know that your organization is working on the right things?​

How do you know if and when it’s time to “kill” a project?

If you pursue every seemingly good idea you may find yourself working hard, but achieving little. We can help you develop a process to determine which projects deserve your attention — based on your industry, your culture, your strategic objectives, and even your business model. You’ll feel relief as you move forward with a process that can help you make meaningful progress like never before.​

  1. Create a process for project selection and prioritization that works​
  2. Develop “kill criteria” or “risk triggers” that allow you to intervene on a troubled project before it continues to drain valuable time and resources​
  3. Better understand and address the obstacles to timely and effective decision-making with your team​

How We Help

Scope creep can derail even the best-planned projects. We can assist by implementing robust scope management practices that ensure clarity and control throughout the project lifecycle:

  1. Define clear project objectives and scope boundaries from the outset.
  2. Establish change control procedures to manage scope changes effectively.
  3. Implement regular reviews and approvals to prevent unauthorized scope changes.
  4. Provide training and guidance to your team on effective scope management techniques.

By partnering with us, you’ll regain control over project scope, ensuring projects stay on track and deliverables meet expectations without unnecessary expansions that strain resources.

How We Help

How do you validate important decisions? How do you ensure you are investing your resources in the right places?​

We can help you embrace a balanced process that is rigorous enough to avoid unnecessary risk and avoidable mistakes, but flexible enough that you and your people can embrace it. Because what good is a winning process, if you don’t use it?​

  1. Work with you to build or improve a project lifecycle tailored to your industry, strategic needs, risk tolerance, and speed of project delivery​
  2. Build capabilities within your team to craft good estimates and provide the information your leadership needs to make good financial investments​
  3. Collaborate with your front-line project managers to ensure buy-in and adoption of the project lifecycle​

How We Help

With the right project visibility everyone gets to do their best work.​

When you have an efficient way to know how every project is performing, leaders get to lead and PMs get to focus on achieving results. Imagine how this simple shift could transform your organization.

  1. Build an approach to project status reporting and analysis that gives leaders the visibility they need, while still giving project managers time to actually manage their projects​
  2. Establish consistency in the way project status is reported, so that leaders can more easily zoom in on what needs their attention​
  3. Reduce bureaucracy and inefficient meetings that take away from more valuable activities​

Our Approach

Working with us means experiencing a true partnership. We believe in transparent communication, ensuring clarity and trust throughout our collaboration. Our focus is on driving tangible outcomes that make a meaningful difference. We streamline processes to maximize efficiency, empowering your team with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in every endeavor.


No surprises here. You're always in the know, watching your project progress in real time. No need to anxiously await a reveal of what you're paying for.


Our focus is on improvement, not just providing information. We swiftly understand your business goals and work backward to achieve them.


We methodically gather requirements and get straight to the point. We often find ourselves halfway through while others are still drafting specifications.


You're not just informed about how your project operates; you're equipped with the power to shape its future.

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By aligning projects, programs, and portfolios with strategic visions, these services ensure that every initiative directly contributes to business objectives. 

Resource allocation becomes a streamlined and efficient process, optimizing the utilization of people, budget, and technology. Comprehensive risk management strategies safeguard initiatives, providing a resilient foundation for successful project outcomes. Leveraging performance analytics and reporting tools, organizations gain insightful data, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and data-driven decision-making. Decision-makers are empowered with informed choices through expert decision-support consulting, guiding priorities, and project continuance based on both data and strategic alignment.

With Advisicon’s 30-year history of excellence and its status as a trusted Microsoft Partner and PMI Authorized Training Provider, organizations can expect world-class solutions and guidance to enhance their project, program, and portfolio management practices.

Alignment with your business’s strategic objectives

Streamlined resource allocation

Comprehensive risk management

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