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Our Consulting Process

We begin every prospective engagement with a 30-minute complimentary consultation. We listen to your pain points and get an idea of what we can do for you.

Our consultations focus on six key pillars:

Strategy & Planning

Aligning initiatives with business strategy

Value & Impact

Demonstrating business value through informative reporting


Enhancing oversight and control

Project Performance

Striving to improve work outcomes

Organizational Readiness

Preparing the team for transformative change

Learning & Innovation

Gaining skills and leveraging best practices

Discovery, Analysis, Recommendations

Our Discovery, Analysis, Recommendations (DAR) Process kicks off all of our engagements. During our consultation, we will consider three main points to recommend your process route:

Organization Size

Business maturity level​

Situation scope

What Does the DAR Process Look Like?


It’s important to us that we begin by gathering knowledge of your business case. Discovery is the heavy-lifting part of our assessment process. ​

Our professional services experts come together with your organization in a series of fact-finding workshops.​


Our next step is to analyze the information. We do this according to a set list of focus areas.​


At the end of the discovery and analysis steps, we meet with you to deliver your customized recommendations report.​

This report includes the documentation of our findings as well as diving into the factors we considered during the analysis. ​

We propose to you two or three solution-tier options that give you tangible next steps to get where you want to be.​

App Development
Data Migration


While some clients may choose to end their journey after recommendations have been delivered, Advisicon is equipped to be a full-service provider.​ Performing check-ins at major milestones, we work with you to ensure we deliver on time, on budget, and exactly as promised.​

Frequently Asked Questions

How can consulting services benefit my organization?

Our consulting services are designed to bring fresh perspectives, identify opportunities for improvement, and guide strategic decision-making. Whether you’re facing challenges or seeking growth, our consultants collaborate with you to achieve transformative results.

Our consulting expertise spans various industries, including Energy, Healthcare, Aerospace, Government, and Nonprofit. We leverage industry-specific knowledge to provide targeted and effective consulting services.

We excel at addressing both specific project challenges and broader organizational issues. Whether you need guidance on a particular project or seek a comprehensive organizational transformation, our consulting team is equipped to deliver tailored solutions.

Our consulting services can be structured as one-time engagements for specific projects or ongoing partnerships for continuous improvement and support. We work flexibly to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

Our consulting approach combines industry expertise, a collaborative mindset, and a commitment to delivering practical and sustainable solutions. We prioritize understanding your unique challenges to provide meaningful and effective guidance.

If your organization is facing challenges, aiming for growth, or undergoing significant changes, consulting services can provide valuable insights and strategies. Contact us for an initial consultation to explore how our consulting team can support your specific needs.

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