Advisicon Outreach adopted a family this Christmas

Like many other organizations in our Vancouver community, we here at Advisicon want to support those in need and help end homelessness and the underlying issues that lead to poverty and homelessness. During the 2017 Christmas season, we found an opportunity to support a struggling family through an organization called Open House Ministries. This local organization provides homeless families with shelter and intervention through life-changing programs.

We enjoyed the experience so much last year that we decided to do it again. This year Advisicon helped a single Dad and his three-year-old daughter have a Christmas they otherwise could not have had. We received the names, ages and desired gifts for each family member and went shopping. We are so grateful for this opportunity to express our compassion during the holidays
and demonstrate the Spirit of Christmas to a family who was truly in need.

After shopping, we brought the gifts back to the office to wrap as a staff. We had great team bonding time as we listened to Christmas music and thought of those we were dedicated to helping. Different staff members wrapped each gift with a unique touch.

When we delivered the gifts to Open House Ministries, we were greeted with excitement and exuberance of activities centered around helping residents transform their lives.

During and at the conclusion of this event, I was overwhelmed at the generosity and kind-hearted people that want to help others. The Advisicon staff was very supportive of this event and participated in the whole process. Some staff even provided items from their own homes.

The families were touched and are all deeply grateful that strangers spent time and resources to help them have a happy Christmas. We love the fact that this was an anonymous donation to a family in need. This family will never know who supported them, but they will know that someone cared enough to do so.

Every little bit we do in supporting our community makes a difference in the lives of someone. If you have any questions or would like Advisicon to provide support for your nonprofit organization, please contact Alison Runcie Director of Nonprofit & Community Outreach at