Why Does My Business Need Microsoft Azure?

Why Does My Business Need Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a very useful tool for developers and IT professionals. It is one of the biggest cloud platforms on the market, and ideal for mobile application management and deployment as well as gaining insights in business analytics.

Since Office 365 does not give you direct access to the backend data, many organizations have created applications or leveraged technology that allows this (moving to O365 Directly would not be the best choice). This is where Azure provides a Cloud Environment, yet with complete control – data tables as if they were in your own private environment.

Essentially, it is the best investment for getting the most out of your existing tools. A key benefit for Azure is that it is flexible to where you only select and pay for services that you need.

It is so capable, in fact, that installing and deploying it can all seem like a bit much. To help, you can bring on a company to provide Microsoft Azure Training.

There are other benefits to Microsoft Azure as well, which we will explain below:

1. Secure your data

Data is currency, as you know – losing it or having it compromised could mean money lost. You may have backup services for data already, but they may not be as comprehensive as that of Azure’s. Further, Azure’s storage runs across all on-premise servers and is sent to all Microsoft data centers (which is a worldwide network), so you have ultimate peace of mind knowing your data is stored safely.  Essentially you get the power of your own environment, as the information stored in Azure receives the data backup protection of the full Microsoft ecosystem of Office 365.

2. Keep your apps that you already know

Microsoft Azure supports many different operating systems, programming languages and devices. As such, you can keep all the applications you have already been using or have custom created, and simply integrate them into your new Azure environment.

3. Build and manage apps with ease

To complement what you already use, you can now build apps much easier by using the tools, APIs and analytics that are integrated within Azure, allowing for integration with both on-premise systems as well as Office 365 applications. A common approach to this is for applications to pull OData from Office 365 and create reports that can be displayed in Office 365, on-premise systems or back in Office 365. They also expand the reporting tools (like SQL Reporting Services) that can be used in Office 365.

Beyond that, you can manage your apps more proactively by using the Azure portal, Application Insights and Operations Management Suite.

4. Access your data from anywhere

Azure RemoteApp allows you to access data from just about any device. Your employees are able to sign into 2,500 SaaS applications while still maintaining high security.

The cloud infrastructure is highly secure, and you also have the option to keep your data on-premises.

5. Use analytics to make informed decisions for your business

Those with the most data are often those who make the most sound business decisions. Azure comes with highly sophisticated capabilities, like Machine Learning, which allows you to use predictive analytics and uncover new business insights.

As you can see, the possibilities and capabilities of Microsoft Azure are endless. Azure can take your team and your business to the next level.

The most important thing is to receive the proper Microsoft Azure training, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your software.

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