How Can Microsoft Project Elevate Your Project Management?

As a project manager, you’re keeping track of so many tasks, constantly running around asking people what they’re working on. You need all the resources you can get. Common challenges that keep you on your toes include keeping up with the pace of the project, managing resources and making sure it is on track and within the desired budget. Ensuring the success of a project involves knowing the nitty-gritty of a project, effective planning, proper work management system and evaluating the project. For your most pressing problems in organization and efficiency, we recommend using Microsoft Project.  Project is a project management tool designed to essentially do one thing: make your life easier.

Here are some of the ways it can elevate your project management:

#1: Microsoft Project can help with resource conflicts.

Resources often get over-allocated. With the latest version of Microsoft Project, you can resolve these issues by re-working other parts of the project. There are different monitoring options available that can help you balance resources with maximum efficiency.

#2: Microsoft Project promotes a collaborative work environment.

A successful project depends on fluid communication. SharePoint allows you to synchronize tasks—and also share data and project updates—with people that are outside of the project. It’s a critical tool to facilitate open collaboration.

#3: Microsoft Project will offer answers on ‘what if’ scenarios.

Project management is a world of ‘what ifs’. Here, you can go back and modify specific criteria, and you can see if Microsoft Project offers solutions or changes to the outcome of a scenario.

#4: Microsoft Project will accurately estimate project timelines.

Your clients are always asking about timelines, or ‘ETA’s. Microsoft Project allows users to complete a high-level timeline estimate by focusing on the creation of tasks. Whether it’s low or high-level of effort that’s required, this program helps managers provide both clients and team members an accurate project timeline estimate in just a few minutes.

#5: Microsoft Project saves time through the creation and use of templates.

It would be nice if all projects were similar. Even so, the core of every project is the same: creation, then design and construction, and finally transitioning the project into action. Microsoft Project allows you to create basic templates that capture these fundamentals, which can be a huge time-saver in future projects.

Microsoft Project has the tools that make your life just a little bit easier. If you’re ready to transform how your business operates, contact our team at Advisicon. We’re experts in using Microsoft Project. We serve as your resource for getting everyone in your company trained on how to use the program to its full extent.