Creating a Resource Demand and Capacity Management Strategy

Creating a Resource Demand and Capacity Management Strategy

The success of your business depends on the flow of your resources. However, to optimize what you’ve got, you need to know what’s coming on the capacity side.

For businesses trying to balance demand for their services with their capacity to take on work, finding tools that create a central hub for managers to visualize an overview of current and future work is essential. This allows them to map out and build a capacity plan that will enable team members to coordinate work toward specified goals.

However, how can you understand the entire picture in enough detail to create an effective strategy?

You Need Error Proof Tools

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past, and CRM products are only as good as their integrations. What will truly provide you with an edge are tools that offer an overview of current and upcoming work, so you and your managers can anticipate demand and the impact it will have on your resources and personnel. However, developing a powerful capacity plan often requires training on new programs, which is where our team at Advisicon can help. We’ve got specific software to help you leverage all of your demand and capacity data, as well as the trainers to get you familiar with each facet of your new program. With information in hand, you can take on any challenge and break through the glass ceiling of your current business goals.

Meaningful Analysis

Once you have the tools to measure demand and capacity, you’ll need to create reports and data presentations that clearly demonstrate why a particular decision should be made based on information collected over time. Having the right programs at your disposal can create opportunities for you to make the best possible decisions.

Microsoft and other Product Solution providers are continually updating their offerings. However, below we will focus on Microsoft and their approach to addressing PPM needs:

Project Server 2016/ Project Online

Microsoft has updated this software to enable departments, project managers, and resource managers the tools to review active documents without having to use MS Project, potentially working off a device or browser only. This software completes the work and resources picture for managers and allows them to request business resources through forms through which they can view availability, cutting down on request time and the need for extraneous conversations.

When Would I Use This?

We recommend using resource engagement tools to streamline resource request processes and create metrics around demand and capacity discussions. Resource management tools target and resolve the following pain points:

  • Manager stress at needing to complete detailed resource planning.
  • Excessive use of MS Project Professional on desktop, replacing it with device-driven or SharePoint/Web visibility.
  • Multi-step resource functionality that can be clumsy and time-consuming to use. Microsoft’s system enables a PM, PMO, or Resource Manager to access centralized and detailed analytics in just a few simple steps.

Are you looking for resource management solutions that can help your team work smarter, not harder, and better coordinate with other departments? Contact Advisicon. We specialize in smoothing internal data processing so you can achieve timely progress toward your business goals.