Giving Back With Technology

Can you imagine taking a technology-focused class without the latest technology in the computer lab?

Advisicon couldn’t either so we donated 16 laptops and a projector to the Palm Institute. The Palm Institute is a private liberal arts college in Ghana with a goal of facilitating the training and development of the next generation of ethical and values-based African leaders. The Institute currently offers comprehensive and practical two-year diploma programs in Business Administration, Banking Technology & Accounting, Computerized Accounting, Procurement and Materials Management, and Agribusiness & Finance with a liberal arts approach.

Recently, Palm Institute officially opened its first building as part of its permanent campus. The campus is located at Manya Jorpanya, near Tema in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Supporting leadership and technology advancement around the world is an opportunity we cherish at Advisicon. Here’s a statement from the Palm Institute regarding our donation.

“Tremendous improvements have been witnessed in the lives of the students of Palm Institute following Advisicon’s donation of laptops. These replaced the desktop computers we earlier had in our computer lab. This has improved work efficiency and delivery of essential technology services (teaching and learning) to our students.

The reliability of the laptop computers has also made it possible for our students to surf the internet for information to complete their assignments. Through the network set up by our IT support team, students are able to access their stored files with greater speed from any of the laptops with ease. Same applies to file sharing and printing of assignments and other class materials.

Our monthly computer maintenance cost has also reduced significantly due to the migration to the use of your donated laptops. Hitherto, we incurred a lot of cost on a weekly and monthly basis to maintain the already worn out desktops. This has tremendously reduced our already heavy operational financial burden.

We at Palm Institute are really grateful for your donations. Together, we are raising a new generation of ethical and value-based leaders in Africa!”


We at Advisicon are so honored to have had the opportunity to support the advancement of education and technology through the NAPE Foundation. Working with Nonprofits is a part of our DNA as Advisicon Outreach and we love when there is a need that we can help meet. During this holiday season, we want to encourage both individuals and businesses alike to seek out opportunities to give back.

Giving Tuesday

There are many ways to get involved with giving. One that we recommend is participating in Giving Tuesday. It started as a day for anyone, anywhere to give. It is now the biggest giving movement in the world. Giving Tuesday harnesses the generosity of millions of people to support the causes they believe in. Help others through the gift of your time, donations, goods or your voice. Read more about the event here.


A Vision to Get Behind

The Palm Institute’s vision is clear. They aim to educate ethical and excellent African leaders who are committed to the application of knowledge for the transformation of the African society.

While their first building is complete, there will always continue to be needs. They are currently in need of portable water, a main electricity connection, classroom furniture, projectors, a main gate, pavement blocks to pave the surrounding area for parking and landscaping. Read more about the Palm Institue and how you too can support the development of ethical leaders in Africa.