How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Imagine this…

You’ve fully staffed your department with star players. Your team is motivated. Full of fresh energy, they are efficient, they’re hitting every target and are making a great impact not only on your team but on your company.

Then all of a sudden…the team starts to fall apart. Employees start lacking the motivation, targets are not being met, the enthusiasm has almost disappeared, and you don’t understand why.

The lack of creativity is beginning to show and your team has fallen into complacency. You started off strong, and within months, your team is going through the motions.

This scenario is all too common in many workplaces, but the good news is that there is a solution to this issue. A lot of managers ignore the tell-tale signs and continue down this path, hoping something will change, but it doesn’t. You’ll wrestle with the idea of letting your low performers go but that is not the only solution.

Motivation is something that must be consistently sparked and there are many ways in which you can bring that fire back into your department.

Below is a list of creative ideas to re-ignite your employees and keep them motivated. Bring your team back to start performance levels.



This simple idea is often so overlooked because it’s often challenged with “It’s their job, isn’t that what they get paid to do.”

Well yes, but recognition is so important because it creates an emotional response to a job well done. When a manager recognizes an employee, it lets the employee know that their work matters and they are on the right track towards success.

It’s a simple method to increase motivation and the good news is that it does not cost anything to simply say “good job” or write a simple thank you note.

A thank you note, companywide email, gift card, or simple praise goes a long way.


Create a Good Working Environment

Employees spend most of their day in the office. Creating a comfortable space can impact the mood and overall wellbeing of your employees.

Create open spaces with natural light, comfortable furniture and ergonomic office spaces where employees can work.

Another idea is to allow employees to decorate their office space. Let them bring pictures and items that remind them of home to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Offer a Clear Path for Advancement

Employees don’t like feeling that there are stuck in a job with no growth opportunities. Knowing there is a path for advancement with keep them motivated through seasons of fatigue.

Create a learning/training program for the employer’s career that is catered to each of their needs. Having a defined path allows the employee to work towards a goal.

The growth of employees has a positive impact on the growth of the company. The more they succeed, the more the company succeeds. This also helps with retaining employees and reducing turnover because employees who have opportunities tend to stay with the company for a longer period.

Each year, you can sit down with your employees and establish goals and define their growth path.



Being open with your employees is incredibly important because it creates an environment where there is no fear or lack of trust. Keeping employees in the dark leaves room for misinterpretation and allows for employees to think the worst.

Management should be transparent about the future of the department, company and keep them in the loop regularly.

Regular communication regarding company goals helps them understand where the company is headed and how they are impacting the bottom line.


Incentivize and Reward

All employees like to be rewarded in one way or another. Both non-monetary and monetary rewards alike are quick and easy ways to keep your team motivated.

There are many ways to incentivize your workforce:

  1. Create a bonus incentive plan that is based on performance
  2. Offer flexible hours
  3. Give employees extra paid time off
  4. Reward them with sporting event tickets, gift cards, concert tickets etc.


Motivating your team should not be a daunting task. There are many effective ideas that will help to re-ignite your team’s passion and keep the enthusiasm levels running high. It’s important not to overlook the importance of motivation because it plays a big role in the success of your employees and company.