Nonprofit Technology Management

You’re passionate about a cause. You have volunteers waiting to help and a community that needs it. But in the world today, you’ll also need technological tools and know-how to use them. Nonprofit technology skills are beyond posting to social media or building a small website. But what if hiring an IT department isn’t an option? How can you manage your technology most securely for the best price and fewest resources?

We believe the most efficient way is to contact Advisicon, and we’ll provide a complete set of services tailored to your needs and budget — spreadsheets to track donations, flowcharts to organize volunteers, and project management tools to keep board members in the loop.

We’ve also compiled a list of ways you can utilize additional resources to support your nonprofit technology needs.

Utilize an IT Help Desk

Help desks are key to maximizing your productivity and making the best use of your time. For a busy nonprofit, having the ability to call and receive technical assistance from someone who’s sole job is to troubleshoot can be very beneficial. It’s the help desk technician’s responsibility to reply to your issues in a personable and timely manner to alleviate your frustration. Help desks can also assist with resetting passwords, fixing printers, and helping people troubleshoot device issues. If you’re interested in this service we can request more information here.

Build a Strategic Technology Plan

It’s important to have a plan for keeping your technology updated, and making sure you have a budget to do so. While this can take a back-burner to other organizational pressures, planning ahead can save money and a great deal of stress. Creating a strategic technology plan can lay a framework for what you aim to accomplish within the next year or 5 years. Think about how your staff and volunteers are using technology. Putting this plan together evaluates where you are now and where you want to be some time in the future.

Form a Tech Committee

If you have a strategic technology plan in place, how will you make sure it’s executed properly? There might be a list of technology projects you’d like to implement throughout the year. Creating a team to see what technology needs to be implemented (and make sure it’s executed) is key to achieving your technology goals. This is where you can also enlist the help of an IT consultant. Having one on your nonprofit technology committee as an advisor can be a huge advantage.

Consider an MSP

Have you evaluated your current technology infrastructure? Did you then realize that things could be more easily managed with the use of outside help? A managed service provider (MSP) can do a lot of the tedious work for you. They use state-of-the-art tools to ensure your data and IT assets are up-to-date, secure, and monitored at all times. With the right backups, patching, antivirus, and antimalware in place, you can go about running your business without the added worry.

Hire a Consultant

IT consultants can give your nonprofit the expertise in areas in which you cannot afford to hire. You may desire an IT consultant to visit your office monthly. They can provide onsite help and make sure everything is working as it should. Consultants also offer an expert opinion on smart technology investments and can help plan your technology budget.  A consultant can also perform larger technology projects. When a server upgrades, move to the cloud, or backup solution is needed they’re there to help.