Project Management Methodology and Best Practices

Project Management Methodology and Best Practices

At its core, project management methodology is the system by which project managers deliver projects. Managers can pick and choose from a range of different principles and frameworks that most effectively serve their organization. Project managers in virtually every industry are always looking to update internal processes and adhere to project management best practices that address roadblocks within the organization. But which best practices bring the ‘best’ results?

Common Project Management Methodologies

Agile – Better for creative teams and software development, Agile allows members to break through the recurring cycles within a large project that can bog down teams. All work is stripped down to its core, that is, what specifically needs to be created and what has been completed is shared with the team on a daily basis.

Waterfall – A more traditional take on project management, waterfall utilizes a risk elimination approach through outlining all steps within a project. A larger bulk of time is spent at the beginning of a project to help prevent larger problems and complications as the project gets up and running.

Scrum – Scrum operates within an Agile framework and provides opportunities for ‘sprints,’ where a defined number of tasks must be completed within short deadlines. This approach allows more freedom for agency-based teams when handling smaller, subtasks within a project.

PRINCE2 – Best suited for large-scale projects, PRINCE2 offers a highly thorough framework that clearly identifies deliverables, roles and expectations. Because it is so methodical and rigorous, this approach is not recommended for creative teams working on small projects.

XP – Also called Extreme Programming, XP allows for consistent feedback because projects are broken down into short cycles that are easily adjustable and improved upon over time.

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