Project Online Backup Guide

The modern world runs on data. As a result, ensuring that your sensitive data can be stored easily has become increasingly important.

PMOs and IT administrators experience a range of risks trying to secure data and protect their businesses. Most of them are unaware of how to automate backups.

Moreover, implementing these backups into management practice can be a challenge. That’s why having an easy and reliable Project Online backup service is crucial.

Project Online Needs Protection

Microsoft Project Online is a flexible online PPM software designed to meet all your work needs. You can create, customize, and collaborate your PWAs across various platforms’ devices.

But the reality is that your data can get corrupted or lost, costing your company a lot in downtimes and repairs.

Whatever projects you manage – internal or external, product or service delivery – project backup must be a routine part of your daily operations.

Project Online data backup and restore gives you, your workers, and your customers peace of mind. Protect your credibility, improve your reputation, and safeguard your data and information. Even if you lose your data, you may quickly restore it and continue your business.

How does backing up Project Online work?

Out of the box, if you need to roll back a single project in Project Online, ALL projects must revert with it. This makes the Advisicon Project Backup Tool a critical addition to any Project Online environment.

Save your sanity by backing up projects individually. Using this tool, you can choose which project and version you want to restore.

This solution backs up projects, tasks, resources, and groups, allowing you to recover corrupted or lost data from backup copies with the latest versions.

It also decreases PWA administration time, minimizes expenses associated with human errors, and improves Microsoft Project Online usage efficiency.

Running on the Microsoft Azure platform provides exceptional security by storing data in the cloud. This system performs continuous backup, meaning you can quickly restore your data from previous project versions in case of data loss.

In the event of accidental deletions or other data damage, you can restore Microsoft Project Online data automatically:

  • Simply choose the necessary environment
  • Select the backup copy you want to restore
  • Pick the data to be restored
  • Launch the process and review the summary

Advisicon’s Project Online Backup Service

Our Backup Service fully automates data protection and administration of Microsoft Project Online.

Advisicon’s Project Online Backup Service includes the following features:

  • Creation of backup copies by setting up a backup schedule
  • Complete or partial backup running continuously
  • A backup copy is automatically generated daily
  • Automatic restoration of a particular project version in the event of unintentional deletion or other emergencies
  • Creation of multiple plans
  • Back up projects with related tasks, resources, and groups

Reduce your risk of data, productivity, or financial losses. With automated backup and recovery provided by Advisicon, your projects are under control, secure, and encrypted. Moreover, you get reliable protection for your Microsoft Projects and SharePoint sites.

Our Process

  1. Client meeting

    We begin by meeting with you to understand your exact needs. Can you use the tool out-of-the-box? For standard cloud-based circumstances, we only need to gather credentials.


    • Saving the file somewhere other than a SharePoint folder
    • Requiring an on-premise solution
  2. Deployment

    We deploy your backup instance, storing any credentials encrypted and secure in an Azure Key Vault.

  3. Testing

    Once the instance is deployed, we perform a manual run to establish your baseline backups. We ensure that all settings and functions perform optimally every time a backup happens. A backup schedule that suits you is put into place, and we confirm that all is running correctly.

  4. Ongoing Monitoring

    Daily backups are performed, and you now have SharePoint access to individual project .mpp files to restore at will! We monitor your backup jobs to ensure you’re never at risk.

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Let’s Talk Benefits

When you implement a Project Online Backup Tool, you gain some pretty valuable benefits:

  • Ensure your PWA is safe against anything that might threaten data loss
  • Fully automated Project Online backup and disaster recovery
  • Improved data reliability and security
  • The low total cost of ownership due to the diminished need for maintenance and support
  • Fast access to the backed-up data
  • No productivity or financial losses

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With over 30 years of experience in simplifying project and portfolio management, we’re proud to be a Microsoft Project MVP and a member of the Microsoft Project Advisory Council.

The Advisicon team of experts delivers state-of-the-art custom solutions to improve, ease, and accelerate the daily tasks of IT Administrators and PMOs. We’re here to assist you with automating protection and safeguarding your data against loss and human error.

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