How to Properly Prepare for a Microsoft Project Upgrade

How to Properly Prepare for a Microsoft Project Upgrade

Is your business considering an upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Project? Some businesses are unsure if they need to upgrade. Others are hesitant to switch software; anytime a company upgrades a program that they have become comfortable with, it requires patience and sometimes a steep learning curve.

Here is why you may need to upgrade, as well as how to best prepare for a successful switchover.

Reasons to consider upgrading:

If your current version is out of support by Microsoft, you will not be able to receive future updates (some of which could enhance security). Or, you may be experiencing software bugs that would negate the software’s intended benefits. Many bugs have most likely been fixed in later versions. With new versions of Microsoft Project, you may greatly improve business value, both internally and externally. Conversely, low quality software can greatly inhibit its business value.

How to plan for a successful upgrade:

The first step is putting together a company plan, which includes categorizing and prioritizing the steps throughout implementation. You can start by establishing an upgrade plan in writing, which has input from the various departments that will be using the new version. You want to make sure everything—or, as many issues as possible—is accounted for so that the transfer is smooth and without significant disruption.

This is also an opportunity to have an overall look at each department’s productivity. Here, you can see if any restructuring is needed to maximize full functionality of the new program.

Some details to consider:

Will all of your computer systems complete the upgrade at once, or will you roll it out in phases to departments first? It could help to identify which departments should have the upgrade first. This way, you can use that as an opportunity to test the product, learn the new features, and work out any questions or issues that arise. An added benefit to rolling it out by department is that you will not see a huge drop in overall employee productivity, as opposed to everyone exploring the new software at once.

Proper planning and keeping scalability in mind are the keys to making the upgrade transition smooth rather than having it turn into a disaster.

Regardless of where you are in the process—considering an upgrade, shopping for options or preparing for implementation—it’s critical to have some form of assistance at your side.

At Advisicon, we are experts in Microsoft Project. We make software transitions as seamless as possible, ensuring the proper preparation has been taken and that your employees are trained and up to speed without any drops in productivity.

Let us know where you are in your transition, and we will make sure you have everything you need in this important process.