How to Protect Your Data Against Cyber Attacks

How to Protect Your Data Against Cyber Attacks

It’s no secret that cyber threats have become more and more common in the past several years. Hackers are not only targeting individuals online, but they attack big retailers or other companies. Cyber-attacks continue to get more and more creative, threatening both big and small organizations and businesses around the world daily. This can cost time, revenue, and even loss of trust by employees, shareholders, or others intricately involved with the company. Managing your data and keeping it protected from cyber attack is key to running a successful and fiscally responsible organization. Here are some tips on how to protect your data from cyber-attack.

Tip #1: Know what cyber-attackers use to hack into your data.

There are several prominent types of attacks, so beware of what criminals are using now to get into your system data. Application attacks are common among retail, utility, and manufacturing sectors, so be sure that you have a two-factor authentication in place that will cause the system to lock out after several repeated login attempts. Next, servers and desktops of the general public, manufacturing, and information industries are especially prone to system compromises through malware attacks. So be sure that you have anti-virus programs installed.

Tip #2: Educate your employees about cyber attacks.

Develop strict policies with your employees on cyber security risks, and don’t be afraid to include rules and policies that seem like common sense. For example, opening suspicious emails or connecting to public Wi-Fi while using a company iPad or laptop could allow for a cyber-attack to happen.  

Tip #3: Analyze your system and recognize any gaps.

Executives should pay close attention to what protection is already in place over business data and carefully examine if there are any gaps or holes that could make it easier for a cyber-attack to occur. Once you have done this and have pinpointed some areas that need additional protection, don’t delay in taking steps to change how your data is being protected and monitored. It’s always best to take the safest and most proactive approach when it comes to data security.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to online criminal activity: a cyber-attack just takes a few minutes to cause serious damage. It can threaten to steal private HR information, earnings, client data, and sometimes much worse. Not to mention, it takes away significant time and resources from the overall working of your business, which could serious negative impact for your business.  Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more complex and harder to identify, so sit down and look closely at developing a strong plan that makes sense for your company. No matter what, you will always want to have a highly secure system that will deter any security breach at any time.



At Advisicon, we help businesses analyze secure data every day, and are deeply familiar with the threat of cyber attacks. Call us if you have any questions about securing your data against outside threats – we’ve seen it all and utilize a wide variety of tactics to protect our own and client data from cyber threats.

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