Your Trusted SharePoint Consulting Firm

Microsoft has been powering the computing world for decades, and consulting firms have been training companies, organizations, and businesses on how to use Microsoft services for almost as long. While many of their products are invaluable on their own, Microsoft SharePoint has the ability to bring all those cornerstone systems together in one place.

However, many organizations aren’t realizing the full potential of SharePoint. Maybe the IT department is understaffed (or non-existent), directors don’t understand the importance, or staff is resistant to learning new things. A SharePoint consulting firm will learn about the business, train the staff, integrate the software, and provide support.

At least, they should. That’s what Advisicon has been doing for more than 25 years, giving expert advice to organizations looking to move forward in their field. As a SharePoint management consultancy, we’ll give you the tools you need to reach your goals and achieve the success you’ve been working toward. Our SharePoint consulting services can help you find out whether the SharePoint platform is the right choice for solving your company’s business challenges like disorganized workflows, ineffective communication, and hindered compliance.

Initial Consultation

Advisicon believes we can’t truly help you until we truly know you. During our initial consultation, we’ll learn about your product, process, and goals you want to achieve now and in the future. From there, we build a training program specific to your organization. SharePoint is a powerful tool, but we won’t waste your time with features you’ll never use.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup with a handful of employees or an international corporation with offices around the world. We have worked with clients in healthcare, construction, and nonprofit sectors, and our philosophy never changes.

With us, it’s about you.

SharePoint Training

Your organization may be using SharePoint right now, but are you really using it? Are you working with the most updated version of SharePoint? As a SharePoint developer, Advisicon has been through several updates, fixed bugs, and created products for our clients. We’ll bring that knowledge to your directors, managers, and other staff to create a single cohesive unit.

That cannot be achieved by dropping off a manual and streaming a 45-minute video. We provide training at our office or yours, providing hands-on experience. You are the experts in your field, and with Advisicon Training focused on what you need, you’ll become the leaders in your field, too.


Don’t have an IT department to help with updates, upgrades, or implementations of SharePoint? You do now. Whether you need to upgrade SharePoint, migrate data, or create reporting dashboards, Advisicon is equipped to handle all aspects of integration.

At this point, we’ve learned so much about you, we know what will work and won’t. We’ve gained this experience through multiple SharePoint integrations/migrations for several organizations. We anticipate problems, create solutions, and head off any issues you may encounter down the road.


To get an organization running smoothly, our SharePoint consulting programs can take some time. But where Advisicon really sets itself apart from other consulting firms is the time we put in after initial training and implementation. We offer support programs for weekly, monthly, and quarterly check-ups for our clients.

Even if it’s simply a phone call to help get faster service replies from Microsoft, we’re here to help. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to jump in. We won’t leave you in our rearview mirror – consider us your GPS to success!

In addition to our SharePoint expertise, we also offer content management, document management, and project management services. If Microsoft develops it, we can customize it to fit your organizational process. Want to learn more? Contact Advisicon today.