How SharePoint integration is changing businesses

How SharePoint integration is changing businesses

No matter what trade they’re in, business leaders are always looking for the edge that’s going to improve their organization’s ROI and give them that competitive boost over rivals. A prime focus for any company should be minimizing any delays or hiccups in daily workflow processes.

One common workflow issue businesses often run into is being stretched too thin over multiple platforms. Most organizations need one streamlined application with all their information that can be shared seamlessly among colleagues. Microsoft’s SharePoint application integration may be just the solution your business needs to improve on poor workflows that diminish a company’s bottom line.  

What is SharePoint integration?

SharePoint is a Microsoft program used by businesses to share and manage a myriad of applications and documents. Traditionally advertised as a content management system (CMS), SharePoint has the ability to do so much more when integrated with other systems, such as Outlook or Cognos. When integrated properly, this program allows your business to view and share critical metrics and information in one location.

Advantages of using SharePoint integration

With SharePoint, your content is not scattered across different platforms, but rather in one location you and your co-workers can easily access. This lends to a boost to productivity as your employees are spending less time trying to find the correct data, and more time analyzing it.

When data is integrated on the backend through SharePoint, you can control the visualization, interaction or workflow automation within your organization. In addition, there are an array tasks you can finish simply and without delay:

  • Create, publish and manage projects and applications seamlessly with colleagues
  • Connect SharePoint to Outlook, Excel, Power BI, Planner, etc. for greater ease of access with members from all levels of the organization.
  • Establish Version Control or manage what users can do with documents, libraries and information on your SharePoint page, quickly and easily
  • In short, SharePoint integration frees your business to get more out of your current BI to improve overall ROI
  • If you are on Office 365, you will be using SharePoint every time you view documents or stored information in any of the tools provided.

Why more business don’t integrate SharePoint

Put plainly, integrating SharePoint with applications at your organization can get very complicated very quickly. Without a good understanding of how SharePoint is set up, connections with SharePoint easily transform into a jumbled mess. As a result, many organizations purchase other tools beside SharePoint support and integration.

Advisicon has helped some of the world’s biggest brands integrate their systems with SharePoint for nearly 25 years. If you’re ready to get the most of your workflow by connecting your systems to one integrated source, contact the experts at Advisicon and get started today.