Intro to Scheduling with MS Project

Course Overview

Microsoft Project is a robust scheduling, resource, and portfolio management tool designed to help teams plan & execute projects quickly & easily. This course teaches the fundamental concepts necessary to create, build, & manage project schedules. Learn to plan and organize your project schedule, create a shared resource pool and assign resources to tasks, and utilize views and reports to get information about your project.

This instructor-led class can be delivered in-person or remotely in two full-day sessions or four half-day sessions.

By taking this course, attendees will learn how to:

  • Build & manage project schedules
  • Navigate MS Project
  • Track & analyze project status against a baseline plan
  • Generate custom visuals, reports, and dashboards
  • Create a resource pool
  • Manage/optimize resource allocation & assignments
  • Apply the dos & don’ts of working in MS Project

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for the project manager or scheduler who wants to learn the fundamentals & best practices of creating & managing projects using the MS Project Desktop application.

Course Materials

Those who enroll in this course will receive a proprietary book written by Project MVPs and MCPs, combining over 50 years of industry experience. This course manual outlines the best uses for Microsoft Project Professional in project management scheduling and progress tracking. Attendees may also earn Professional Development Units from the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Course Objectives

• Application benefits
• Navigate the app
• Schedule management best practices

Build Schedules
• Approaches for task estimating
• Enter a WBS-oriented task list
• Use templates & views to simplify schedule management
• Create dynamic schedules with precedence relationships
• Use lag, lead, and buffers
• Apply constraints & deadlines

Resource Management
• Create a shared resource pool
• Assign resources to tasks
• Master task types & effort-driven scheduling

Fine-tune Schedules
• Configuring custom views
• Identify deadlines
• Optimize the critical path
• Resolve resource conflicts & overallocations
• Master team planner and task inspector

Tracking Progress
• Set the project baseline
• Track & update schedules
• Display variances
• Take corrective action on future tasks

Report & Print
• Use views & reports
• Create a timeline view
• Export data & print schedules

Pain Points This Course Helps!

⚡ Where do I start?

Learn fundamentals and best practices in building and managing your project schedule.

⚡ My resources are all overallocated!

Learn how to plan a successful project by understanding resource demand and capacity through a shared resource pool.

⚡ Behind schedule and over budget!

Avoid late projects and budget overruns though schedule tracking and variance analysis.

⚡ Missed the deadline!

Set and view milestones in your project so you can avoid missing deadlines.

Course Instructors and Accreditation

This course will be taught by a certified instructor, knowledgeable in the field of project management, MS Project/Project Server, and Power BI. Your attendees will obtain key knowledge on how to leverage Project Online and the Microsoft365 suite to optimize collaboration, reporting, and process automation.

Advisicon’s goal is to improve your processes and technologies, thus creating measurable results. For over 25 years, we have successfully helped customers learn, scale, and grow.

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