Microsoft Teams Fundamentals

Course Overview

Microsoft Teams is the new communication and collaboration hub for Microsoft 365. From persistent chat to content sharing to video/web conferencing, Teams is truly the hub for teamwork. This two hour workshop will teach attendees everything they need to know about how to use Teams to its fullest to make teams in your organization more efficient, more productive, and have fun along the way.

This course can be delivered in-person or remotely. There are no prerequisites for this course.

We cover these key topics:

  • Create & join Teams
  • Collaborate in calls, meetings, and chats
  • Boost productivity through search, app pinning & meeting scheduling
  • Work in & manage channels
  • Manage documents in Teams/SharePoint
  • Use 3rd party apps, connectors, & bots
  • On the go with the Teams Mobile App

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted for any project stakeholder interested in learning about how to maximize team collaboration in projects.

Course Materials

Course materials are comprised of a presentation and exercises as well as a Microsoft Teams QuickStart Guide. Attendees may also earn Professional Development Credits from the Project Management Institute.

Course Objectives

Teams Overview
• Application overview
• Create and join Teams
• Create and manage channels

Boost Productivity
• Use Search and Filters
• Pin favorite apps & channels
• On the go with the Teams mobile app

Integrate Other Apps
• Sync with Outlook
• Embed Planner boards
• Source content with connectors
• Use 3rd party apps & bots

Work With Others
• Conduct calls and meetings
• Chats & channel conversations
• Collaborate on files

Pain Points This Course Helps!

⚡ We need to get on the same page!

Stop exchanging emails and get your project team aligned in real time with Teams chat and video conferencing.

⚡ Unproductive work meetings.

Let work done in your meetings instead of talking about what needs to be done. With full Microsoft 365 tool integration, review and collaborate on your documents and files during the meeting.

⚡Stay in Teams and live in Teams!

End the back and forth with your various desktop and cloud applications. Locate your critical project resources including schedules, reports, and tools via channels and tabs in Teams.

⚡ I need smarter document storage.

Now you can simplify your document management in Teams thanks to SharePoint & OneDrive connections. Effortlessly sync and manage your files where you want to manage them.

Course Instructors and Accreditation

This course will be taught by an experienced instructor who is knowledgeable in the field of Project Management, collaboration and MS Teams. Your attendees will obtain key knowledge on how to leverage Microsoft Teams and the applications available within it to optimize collaboration, reporting, and process automation.

Advisicon’s goal is to improve your processes and technologies, thus creating measurable results. For over 30 years, we have successfully helped customers learn, scale, and grow.

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