7 Reasons Top Executives Trust BI

Is your company using business intelligence (BI) software? BI is a tool that can help your company maximize results. More and more businesses are choosing BI because it’s a powerful tool that increases efficiency. Here are seven ways BI software can revolutionize your business operations:

#1: Focus your organization’s strategy on daily business operations.

If you have had difficulty aligning corporate strategy with day-to-day business activities, you will be able to change that with the effective use of business intelligence software. It will not only provide the data visibility and accountability you need, but it will help you identify ways you can position corporate goals with day-to-day operations.  Imagine having real-time dashboards and graphics to analyze trends, assisting you with the ability to quickly review and adjust your approaches, processes, or strategy to be more dynamic and responsive to what is going on in your business or organization.

#2: Analyze information for decision making.

BI software will provide data when you need it and how you want it. It allows organizations to quickly gather the data they require when big decisions have to be made. 

#3: Make employees decision makers.

Empowering employees is vital to morale and team building. Employees that have access to data can help maximize information capital. Data access enables everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics. With access to this information, you and your team can analyze the data together to make creative and educated decisions.

This is huge in both succession planning and growing an organization that thinks strategically, owning and responding to information in a real-time manner.

#4: Find out what your customers want.

Inventory data will help you figure out what customers want. It will nail down buying patterns. You’ll have the tools to forecast future sales and recognize trends that influence buying behavior. With this knowledge, you can adapt your organization, staying flexible as customer whims change.

#5: Pinpoint areas to cut costs.

Finding areas of waste helps minimize spending and keeps your business on track for growth. BI software can help you identify specific areas where you have excess inventory. With this data, you’ll better be able to control manufacturing processes to bolster the bottom line.

#6: Monitor employee productivity.

Use BI software to measure how much time employees are spending on the Internet, and how they’re using the network. This can help managers streamline productivity processes. Another use for this is learning how your employees estimate so you can better review both planned or actual work aligned to key deliverables. This usually is tribal knowledge that is lost when people come and go from an organization, but with BI tools, you can harness and improve estimates as well as have better predictive results.

#7: Save time on data entry.

Tired of performing data calculations and manually entering data? BI software can reduce the time spent on data entry. With BI software, much of the data is collected for you. You’ll be able to skip time-consuming data entry and go straight to report generation and analysis.

Business intelligence software is an exceptional investment for any organization looking to maximize efficiency, get results and take action. Advisicon can recommend the most effective tools to build your business on secure data analytics. Learn more by contacting us today.