Case Study: AVNET

Business Situation

Avnet’s internal PMO system was cumbersome and lacked the ability to provide resource capacity forecasting, planning, or tracking. Without accurate visibility and reporting, Avnet was relying on manual, labor-intensive processes to provide reports and status updates to their senior management.

Solution Delivered

We migrated Avnet from their disparate installation of Project Server to a centralized instance of Project Server while creating custom code to fulfill their unique security requirements. Our team built business intelligence reports that provided real-time and accurate information for stakeholders. We implemented custom workflows & automation within SharePoint for project document and approval notifications with centralized dashboards for workflow process and status.

Benefits Received

The new PPM system (Project Server) integrated with SharePoint workflows allowed for two full-time employee positions to be focused on project delivery vs. project maintenance and tracking. For the first time, the system integrated resource capacity and gap analysis views, reporting, and allowed for the intake process to review new projects and work impacts to critical resources before approving the projects.

The Company Today

Avnet always aims to cut the time, financial output, and complications of getting products on the market. With Advisicon’s help, they’ve streamlined their operations to do just that. Avnet continues to grow as a company, recently acquiring Farnell and Hackster.io to expand their product line. The company’s projects touch customers of every size around the world.

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