Case Study: Banjercito

Banjercito was implementing project management best practices to standardize its processes but needed a technological platform to support this development. Advisicon deployed Microsoft Project Server, introduced standardizations, and trained the users at Banjercito.

Business Situation

Banjercito needed a technological platform to support the required project management best practices that would help it standardize processes. This was critical to its efforts to successfully deliver strategic projects that would realign its services & reinvent its image.

Banjercito didn’t have the tools, technology, or methodology in place to manage their strategic projects. Projects grew out of control in scope, projects weren’t completed on time and frequently were over budget. Each of these costly initiatives failed to create the desired results. Staff members assigned to projects consistently worked overtime because project resources were constantly over-allocated.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon deployed Microsoft Project Server, standardized processes and workflows, and trained users in the IT group at Banjercito in Microsoft tools and in the best practices of project management. Advisicon also worked with managers and project contributors to customize MS Project Server and align their project investments with the business strategy of the organization.

Benefits Received

They saw improved control of day-to-day project activities, became aligned with organizational strategy, and had better communication and management of project scope. IT projects were more likely to be on time and within budget. Resource management was improved while meeting the Director’s reporting needs. System administrators, project managers, and project contributors were trained to correctly use the tools to achieve strategic results moving forward.

The Company Today

Banjercito has evolved to be a national credit and development institution that forms part of the Federal Public Administration system, while still retaining its corporate identity. Banjercito also handles an array of services, including car permit to Mexico and temporary vehicle imports into the country. With a number of offices in Mexico and US mainland, including LA, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago, Banjercito reinvented its identity and reengineered its services to meet the realities of the modern business climate.

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