Clark County Prayer Connect

Case Study:

CCPC was struggling to find new people to join in their efforts and wrestling with keeping track of existing members via a vast number of spreadsheets.

We assessed CCPC’s situation and provided recommendations on their website, social media, branding & more.

Business Situation

Clark County Prayer Connect is a nonprofit organization that helps promote and organize prayer events in the community. They started as a partner in ministry to International Renewal Ministries. They were failing to reach a large audience through their marketing efforts and had numerous Excel spreadsheets to track their various personal demographics (i.e. spreadsheet for Praise, Pastor, IRM, CCPC).

CCPC knew they were missing out on the benefits of social media and needed suggestions on how they could better manage it. They also knew there was a better way to manage their lists of people. They wanted to be able to select a person’s name and click on/off specific lists, as well as have tracking features.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon audited CCPC’s website, social media, and branding. CCPC received a complete report from the audit of their marketing efforts. Included in this report was what they’re doing well & to continue, what could be improved, and suggestions for how to make improvements.

Advisicon then examined how CCPC was tracking individual people, provided suggestions, and helped implement a new solution. In tandem, CCPC received support in setting up a new system for email marketing with one central list of contacts.

Benefits Received

Their new email marketing system allows them to track all relevant data and add additional custom fields as needed. With our Excel recommendations, they can now maintain one list with multiple categories to select for these individuals. Our goal, for both marketing and CRM assistance, was to provide recommendations that they could manage in-house without much-increased cost or time.

The Company Today

With an active Facebook presence, CCPC is reaching a wider audience! They have systems in place for tracking and managing their list of contacts. CCPC is in a better place, knowing the next steps to take for their organization’s continued growth.

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