Case Study: Mainbit

As an IT solution provider, Mainbit was having difficulty sustaining the high quality deliverables that were propelling them through a significant growth period. They needed to have a more collaborative work environment and a centralized reporting/administration function to manage workflow. Advisicon recommended an EPM solution implementing MSPS 2007® in addition to supporting the technology with education and creating a PMO. Mainbit has been able to successfully sustain its growth and become more efficient in controlling projects and allocating resources through sustained use of the EPM format.

Business Situation

Mainbit was positioned for growth, but not to coordinate the workload of that growth for the organization in an efficient and effective manner. The existing system was cumbersome, lacked support within the company, and resulted in repetition of work by multiple users. The company needed a way to consolidate the efforts of its resources and generate meaningful reports—providing visibility into the organization.

Solution Delivered

For Mainbit, Advisicon determined that an EPM system using Microsoft Project Server 2007 would be the most comprehensive and appropriate technology. This tool, in addition to being a flexible and scalable solution, was able to provide user-friendly interfaces to help ensure adoption. MSPS 2007® was deployed and configured specifically for the organization’s needs. On top of that, Advisicon recommended:

  • Creation of a PMO—disseminating a project management culture throughout the organization
  • Training/education on the technology and methodology
Benefits Received

The installation of an EPM system produced measurable results that directly impacted performance. Improvements included:

  • Control of requirements gathering, project administration, and execution through standardization and workflow
  • Improved data collection and interpretation which allowed better visibility into the project portfolio
  • Collaboration and communication efficiency organization-wide
  • Increased resource management and workload visibility
The Company Today

Mainbit continues to offer a wide range of computers, computer services, and software services. They can easily stay on top of the latest technology and now offer Cloud Services. They have strategic partnerships with Dell, IMB, Xerox, Microsoft, Apple, and more.

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