Case Study: Pfizer Project Management Office Development

Supplying vaccines and other biomedical agents is no small task! As the process is inexorably tied into computer systems, if something goes wrong with the technology, it’s a big deal. We’re proud to have helped Pfizer’s Business Technology Unit manage IT projects in the way that suited them best–implementing Microsoft Project and SharePoint. Bottom line? Reducing technology hiccups goes a long way in supplying medicines in a timely fashion to those in need.

Business Situation

Pfizer BT needed to have better document control and integration for project success. With widespread PMO offices, a centralized location was critical to ensure necessary requirements and approvals through multiple document iterations. Advisicon implemented a unique authorization process based on Microsoft® SharePoint® technology including a proprietary site to ensure accurate versioning and control. With a single site for registering required paperwork, dissemination of information, and business situation.

Solution Delivered

We helped launch a PMO solution that combined the latest customized technology with automated processes resulting in control, collaboration, accuracy and most importantly, quickly getting medicine to those who need it most.

Benefits Received
  • Improved control of day-to-day project activities
  • Better communication and management of project scope
  • Improved success in delivery of IT projects both on time and within budget
  • Enhanced utilization of resource management
  • Delivered Executive level reporting requirements
  • Alignment with organizational strategy
The Company Today

Pfizer Business Technology continuously looks for openings to bring fresh & inventive technology ideas to both the business and patients. Pfizer believes in “Heath for All” and tirelessly pursues treatments that extend and save lives. The latest in their developments? An FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine. Advisicon is proud to have played a small part in setting up Pfizer for this project’s success!

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