Case Study: Portland General Electric Project Management Office Development

PGE was on the precipice of change. Faced with growing energy requirements, there was a need to install a two-way communications system (AMI) with the ability to collect and process the data. The changes and system needed to be fast, efficient, and effective. To help them handle the project, we provided a flexible, scalable project management structure as well as detailed reporting and training.

Business Situation

Upon conversion to the AMI system, PGE would become one of the largest deployments in the US with approximately 850,000 meters installed. The rationale for installing an advanced metering system included:

  • Cost savings
  • Elimination of inaccurate, missing or problematic reads
  • Improved customer service

The PGE mission was to “design, construct and operate a two-way AMI that provides a communications and control platform for valued customer services, process efficiencies and the collection and use of interval data.”

Solution Delivered

Advisicon helped to evaluate, set up, and staff a Project Management Office (PMO) that used not only project scheduling technologies, but SharePoint and other team collaboration & communication systems. We maintained their project and resource scheduling systems using Microsoft and non-Microsoft toolsets. We established weekly and monthly cadences of team, project, portfolio, and executive reporting & dashboards. Advisicon also assisted in helping to standardize and grow the project management culture, assisting in training, coaching, and supporting both the leadership and project teams in best practices, governance & implementation rollout, delivery, and adaptation for managing a multi $100 million program.

Benefits Received

The new system resulted in clear, measurable operational improvements for the organization and more efficient utilization of resources across the board. Overall, PGE was able to realize:

  • Effective project portfolio management standards and workflow reporting on projects, resources, deliverables, and dependencies
  • Detailed project planning and timely collection & interpretation of schedule data
  • Improved organizational adoption with training and other education to expand user knowledge & tool performance
The Company Today

Implementation of these tools allowed for a successful AMI system to be launched. PGE currently serves Portland, Salem, and surrounding communities, while continuing to create new projects to “make your energy cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable. They‘re constantly striving towards a smarter energy infrastructure.

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