Case Study: Sharp Labs Microsoft Sharepoint Services Implementation

Advisicon performed requirements gathering, proposed an EPM solution, and then installed, configured, and deployed the solution. This created a searchable digital repository of documents and centralized the communications of project risks and issues.

Business Situation

Sharp struggled to see all of the key work, reports, and core activities, surrounding major and minor projects. Also, they needed to be able to establish a demand and capacity forecasting system for their engineering, IT, and R&D projects. Their current processes and systems were maxed out. They needed to streamline and optimize demand (work) management along with forecasting resources and future work in their pipeline portfolio, all while comparing it with their existing work portfolio. A key component of this was centralizing communications documentation and finding a way to make R&D and intellectual resources easily accessible at a global level.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon led the existing “as-is” process mapping and facilitated the discovery and requirements gathering process to address and prioritize both business and team needs. Advisicon proposed multiple solutions and then aided in a bake-off to help select the best approach and tool solutions. Sharp selected Microsoft’s Project Platform, and we deployed Project PPM along with SharePoint and other business productivity tools.

Their requirements demanded custom visuals and dashboards in both SharePoint and throughout M365. These custom WebParts helped reduce the licensing and number of tool hops end-users had to make while connecting and integrating their enterprise tools and external systems, ultimately helping build their PM Culture.

Benefits Received
  • Centralized and facilitated cross-site communications of project risks and issues
  • Searchable digital repository of documents
  • Enabled a collaborative online community
  • Minimal administration and management
  • Rapid to use—site design and deployment
The Company Today

Sharp continues forging forward. They have a large range of products in production and in the works. In Japan, they’ve begun mass production on a smallest-in-class, Ultra-Compact Proximity Sensor that will directly improve wearable devices. One of their most exciting new projects is “scalable, adaptable battery technology to enable widespread deployment of renewable power.”

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