The Salvation Army

Case Study: The Salvation Army

The nonprofit recognized the need for digital transformation & internal optimization to improve and continue its strong history of project delivery.
With so many projects, they needed better ways to prioritize project completion, while also performing better resource planning & forecasting with a single, synchronized system.

Business Situation

The Salvation Army needed a way to prioritize workload across their technical and business teams and ensure that projects were delivered on time, on schedule, and within budget. They had a reactive mindset that led to confusion and missteps in the project management process. Small regional programs were suffering from a lack of resources. It was very important for these regional programs to be prioritized with a decentralized working team of resources while simultaneously supporting digital transformation and optimizations.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon implemented a tactical approach for the Salvation Army using Microsoft Project, SharePoint, and Office 365 to help project managers improve work efficiency. Their central project enterprise system established a single source of truth within the nonprofit. Moving active projects and resources here increased the visibility of documents, reports, and resources needed or currently assigned.

Benefits Received

The Salvation Army enjoys improved efficiency, visibility, and collaboration capabilities. By utilizing a central project scheduling and management system using MS Project, Project PPM, and SharePoint, the Salvation Army was able to improve their project managers’ success in delivering projects, with fewer resource scheduling conflicts and increased project delivery within budget and on time. In a nutshell, they cut through the clutter to see what needs to be done and when.

The Company Today

With 155 years of helping approximately 23 million Americans annually, the Salvation Army’s long history of humanitarian aid is a role model for newer nonprofits. They serve in 130 countries worldwide, meeting human needs without discrimination. Their latest projects include: hurricane disaster response, launching a nationwide support hotline for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, providing increased poverty relief during the pandemic, and coordinating shelter, food, and other necessities for those affected by inclement weather, in particular, February 2021 Texas winter storm victims.

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