Case Study: Volaris

Volaris is the fastest-growing airline based in Mexico. With little time to adjust to the growth, the organization’s infrastructure was unprepared to capture data smoothly and project collaboration was difficult. By implementing our recommended solution, they were able to improve their overall project management processes and gain control of their operations.

Business Situation

Volaris’s unprecedented growth was exciting but created internal stress for the technical teams. The organization’s infrastructure was unprepared to handle the volume of incremental work caused by the growth. The company also needed to have better project portfolio visibility into their IT projects to provide for better administration and control. To further complicate matters, they did not have a tool to facilitate collaboration in the monitoring and control of their projects.

As a result, Volaris was experiencing:

  • No standardization in processes
  • No adopted methodology for project management
  • No centralized reporting functions or operations
Solution Delivered

A thorough evaluation by Advisicon included discovery workshops, training, and validation sessions for formats and processes. Through these investigations, a comprehensive solution, that included the implementation of a PMO (level #2) integrated with Microsoft Project Enterprise, was developed.

The Microsoft stack was able to provide critical functionalities to Volaris while allowing additional opportunities for growth and scalability. Additionally, the ease-of-use for resources was an important factor in implementing the system.

Benefits Received

Upon installation of the new system, Volaris saw benefits nearly immediately. Most notably:

  • Control of project administration through standardized processes to improve requirements gathering (ultimately leading to better project administration and execution)
  • Efficiency in collaboration & communication organization-wide
  • Increased resource management and workload visibility
The Company Today

Since their launch in 2003, they now serve 60+ destinations and run 300+ flights daily. Their mission is: “With the best people and low prices, we enable more people to travel, and to travel WELL!” As of 2019, it’s the leading airline in the Mexican domestic airline market, holding a market share of over 28% of domestic traffic.

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