Microsoft PPM Portfolio Analyzer

Course Overview

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the method for analyzing and collectively managing a group of current and proposed projects based on organizational demands, constraints, and strategic objectives. Portfolio analysis focuses on each project’s total expected cost, consumption of resources, timeline, and timing of benefits to be realized, along with the relationship or inter-dependencies with other projects in the portfolio.

We have developed a three-session course to cover all the key aspects of performing portfolio analysis within Project Online/Project Server.

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Guide your organization through portfolio analysis exercises
  • Perform what-if analyses of the results
  • Utilize results for improving management of your portfolio

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for PMO directors, business decision makers, program directors, program managers, senior project management.

Course Materials

Course materials are comprised of set of proprietary reference materials. This training either utilizes an Advisicon Project Online training environment or, for a private class, can use the client organization’s on-premises or online MS PPM environment. This program can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Course Outline

Workshop One: Focus on Business Drivers
• Create alignment on portfolio analysis process & prioritization/selection criteria
• Portfolio management lifecycle deep dive
• Discuss & create business drivers & driver impact statements
• Prioritize business drivers

Workshop Two: Focus on the Projects and Resources
• Build & capture project proposals—intake process
• Align & configure enterprise resource pool
• Build & use standard templates to configure enterprise projects
• Build & configure project processes & workflows

Workshop Three: Focus on Project Analyses
• Perform cost analysis
• Perform resource analysis
• Use project dependencies
• Build & compare portfolio scenarios
• Finalize & select/commit scenarios
• Analysis of existing work portfolio with the new, approved portfolio of work

Pain Points This Course Helps!

⚡ We always have issues with project resources.

This course teaches you how to align your resource pool with all your enterprise projects—greatly reducing scheduling woes.

⚡ Opinions are ruling the PMO over fact.

Identity and create data-based criteria (agreed upon by all) that identify a potential project as a positive or negative portfolio addition. Use reports to show leadership what the facts say.

⚡Some projects almost break the bank.

Curb your anxiety by learning how to analyze costs and perform complex “what-if” scenarios before you take on the project. More than that, see how projects would interact and affect the flow of funds as a whole.

Course Instructors and Accreditation

This course will be taught by an experienced instructor, well-versed in the field of project management, MS Project/Project Server, and the entire Microsoft stack. Attendees will walk away from the class with the skills they need to navigate project interdependencies and make the best portfolio business decisions moving forward.
Advisicon’s goal is to improve your processes and technologies, thus creating measurable results. For over 30 years, we have successfully helped customers learn, scale, and grow.

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