Case Study:

Lumedx takes great pride in being a market leader in cardiovascular science. They wanted a better way to manage all their mission-critical data, recognizing the need to be agile & constantly improve their business practices. By leveraging MS Project PPM & SharePoint, they created uniform project, program, and portfolio visibility across current and future projects.

Business Situation

Lumedx looked to improve its current project management and portfolio selection processes. They were using SharePoint for collaboration but needed to fold in existing and future project, program, and portfolio management. They wanted to centralize their documents and have a singe place to collaborate.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon helped map their requirements and line out how to leverage Microsoft’s Project PPM and Collaboration Portal (namely SharePoint). The centralization of projects & resources allowed Lumedx to produce dashboards, views, and reports that were tied to regular project updates.

Adviscon trained their administrator, project, and leadership teams on how to continue leveraging Project PPM. This training enabled them to quickly grow and scale their projects, while also comparing their new portfolio workload with the current portfolio workload for better resource allocation and delivery across all projects.

Benefits Received

A centralized document and collaboration enterprise platform is easier for people to use and improves productivity. In particular, Lumedx can now strategically plan and prioritize work, resources, and projects. By moving to Microsoft 365 and leveraging the resource & asset management customizations, they were able to create better-customized solutions (apps) and replicate this across their entire multi-state hospital system.

The Company Today

Lumedx, a market leader for over 25 years, continues to grow and was recently part of a major acquisition. Intelerad, a global leader in enterprise imaging services, has folded in the company to create a healthcare supergroup. They continue to deliver projects and programs using SharePoint and Project PPM toolsets.

In the words of Intelerad’s CEO, “Healthcare as we know it has forever changed, and more than ever, providers need automated solutions that allow them to focus on what they do best – treating patients and providing improved patient care.”

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