Port of San Diego

Case Study:

The working waterfront of San Diego wanted to optimize project delivery and create visibility, dashboards, and reports. By doing so, they hoped to automate processes, optimize project workload, and improve their resources’ ability to deliver. Using Microsoft’s Project PPM and the M365 Power Platform, they now work more efficiently than ever.

Business Situation

The Port of San Diego, having recently dealt with a ransomware attack, looked to optimize, streamline, and ensure a higher security level for future project delivery. The goal was to continue to provide their project teams the ability to collaborate and manage their large workload while delivering visibility to stakeholders on their project progress, all while mapping the current and future workload “demand” to the resource skillsets and availability.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon helped map, implement, and train project teams to meet their project, program, and portfolio requirements. Our approach was to line out how to leverage the entire M365 platform, including Project PPM, and use the Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate) to migrate and standardize their project processes. In processes like scheduling and reporting activities, manual steps were eliminated with centralized reporting. By optimizing and redesigning how the Port of San Diego was tracking and reporting, we gave them access to Power BI dashboards, views, and reports that provide real-time visibility into both project progress and resource availability.

Benefits Received

By moving to the M365 platform with Project PPM and the Power Platform, the Port of San Diego was able to create a simplified and centralized project collaboration space. This space is fully equipped with project and milestone tracking, as well as visibility into the resources, skillsets, and external vendors that are required to deliver projects on time, within scope, and according to the timeline.

The Company Today

The Port of San Diego continues to deliver projects and programs. As they continue to expand through the COVID-19 pandemic, the logistics backlog of moving goods through their port emphasized the need for even more advanced project, program, and portfolio visibility. They are committed to managing their 34 miles of waterfront, 44,300+ jobs, and $9.4 billion in total economic impact in a way that makes Californians, and all Americans, proud.

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