Providence St. Joseph

Case Study:

Providence knew that they could be tracking meetings, managing schedules, and storing documents better. A couple of staff members initiated a solution using Power Apps but were overwhelmed with the project’s breadth, the skill level needed, and time required to see it through to completion. They called in Advisicon to create the apps with multiple developers working towards the goal.

Business Situation

Providence needed a means of supporting the daily functions of their caregivers. They knew that there was a better way to transfer knowledge from one hospital shift to another.

They wanted to support their daily huddles and track the relevant discussion items of the day. They also needed to manage meetings and keep track of agenda items. Standard working documents could be managed in a more streamlined manner, including development/approval processes and document history. Finally, they sought a way to manage their different types of schedules.

Solution Delivered

As there were a variety of needs, the solution included multiple Power Apps and flows.

The Learning Board tracks shift events to inform subsequent shifts. A Huddle Board dives into relevant topics from the learning board. The Meeting Management function shows the agenda, schedule, minutes, and action items. Standard Works manage work documents from creation to evolution of standard works and approval processes.

There are three schedule sign-ups. The Call Schedule allows workers to sign up for on-call duty. The EDO Schedule is to sign up for an early day off that will send caregivers home if there isn’t enough work to keep everyone busy. The PTO Schedule lets people request paid time off and manages the approval process, all in one place.

Benefits Received

Providence enjoys saving time by having a single location for all its functions. This centralized Microsoft environment makes reporting and supporting easy across all hospitals with common structured data.

The Company Today

Providence has experienced higher volumes of patients, both outpatient and inpatient, as well as emergency visits. They work to address deferred health needs, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a new strategic plan—Destination Health 2025. We rest easy knowing that they have robust communication tools to help this initiative succeed.

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