United Way of NYC

Case Study:

This nonprofit understands all about doing more with less. United Way of NYC was looking to automate processes and reduce time-consuming, tedious human procedures, allowing them to dedicate their time to more important areas.

Business Situation

United Way of New York City (UWNYC) is on a mission to improve the lives of low-income New Yorkers. Like many organizations, they are trying to prioritize work and make the most of their resources. This meant automating processes.

They approached Advisicon with their issues in customizing a Canvas Power App they created. Further, they needed to learn how to customize the Project Accelerator Power App to better intake and qualify project requests.

Solution Delivered

Going inside their enterprise project management Canvas Power App, we implemented best practices in reworking their app screens and workflows, delivering a superior solution to what they had previously.

Addressing their Project Accelerator pains, we provided customizations that fit their business needs. In their environment, we tailored forms to meet their unique requirements, created new project flows, and added fields.

Benefits Received

UWNYC now has a renewed, sophisticated Canvas Power App that functions correctly in alignment with standard development practices. It saved time and energy to revamp the app rather than rebuilding it from scratch.

The Project Accelerator optimizations we provided helped them to be able to use Microsoft Project for the Web in an improved manner.

The Company Today

Today, UWNYC has improved its flow by implementing a Power App. They’ve eliminated a manual process and can now manage with less effort, with less chance of human error. Project Accelerator allows them to manage all their project requests and puts in place a method that helps them decide which projects to prioritize.

Advisicon is proud to have supported this forward-thinking nonprofit organization in its efforts to automate.

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