University of Kentucky

Case Study:

The university needed to blend both on-premise and cloud data for improved project and program delivery. They wanted to see both their current & future project workload and perform resource capacity planning across the IT and facilities management divisions. The solution Advisicon put in place helps them manage a vast number of projects while being sensitive to competing project needs.

Business Situation

The University of Kentucky (UK) has a large asset management program that includes facilities, building maintenance, IT, and infrastructure. UK was looking to develop better coordination & alignment, improve support & cross-utilization of project resources across thousands of personnel, and vendor all involved in managing their campus and technology infrastructure.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon helped review the current project technology processes, systems, and tools. Using this baseline, we created a centralized, streamlined approach to leverage Microsoft’s Project PPM tool suite. We established templatized projects and processes connected to a single resource pool, unlocking the ability to perform demand management & resource forecasting. By cross-training different departments in project, program, and portfolio management (PPM) technologies and best practices, we fast-tracked the approach and, by extension, their results.

Benefits Received

UK was able to realize top-down to bottom-up visibility of projects’ key deliverables and key resources, ensuring that rework and better coordination happened cross-departmentally. They were able to bring in ERP/financial data and put it alongside their current project workload, providing better predictive analytics. By examining both their current portfolio of work and the resource/skillset capacity used in delivering projects enterprisewide, they met demand more efficiently than ever before.

The Company Today

The University of Kentucky, while making major shifts in how they deliver education through COVID, continues to successfully deliver projects & programs across facilities, maintenance, and IT departments.

As it should be with education, the main focus is on students. UK has a strong commitment to lifting up historically underserved students (specifically in the areas of race, international status, or first-generation status). In addition, mental health is an important tenant on campus and the counseling center continues to grow year over year in its outreach and impact.

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