Case Study:

Ourganda provides medical care to those in the far western part of Uganda. They want to be able to provide care to all the 300,000 people in over 600 villages. In order to do this, Ourganda needed increased funding and decreased expenses. To help them gain more donors, we provided them with coaching and suggestions for marketing and social media visibility.

Business Situation

Ourganda’s founder and board of directors didn’t have the knowledge or time to perform marketing or social media activities. They needed to know where they should put their energy to get the most bang for the buck all while finding a way to reduce expenses.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon performed a complete marketing audit for Ourganda. We evaluated the current state of their website, social media, and branding—wrapping it all up in a report that summarized what to continue doing & suggested improvements in areas that needed help.


Our team understands that being a nonprofit organization usually means you are working with limited resources and we took this into account in our recommendations for Ourganda, breaking down both the financials and who will have the bandwidth to perform the work. We provided marketing best practices for them to move forward.

Advisicon was able to assist in officially changing Ourganda’s headquarters location to the USA and became their Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider to provision them with ten free Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses.

Benefits Received



Ourganda is now able to spend its time on the marketing tasks that get the most results. This allows them to focus their remaining time on the important, life-saving kindness they provide in Uganda.

Ourganda was paying monthly for their Microsoft licenses but now gets these important business applications for free. This savings opened up funds to put towards hiring additional medical team members and establishing new wellness clinics.

The Nonprofit Today

Ourganda employs two, ten-person medical care teams, brings clean water to desperate villages, and distributes birthing kits for pregnant women, hygiene kits for young women, and health kits for kids. They’ve increased their brand awareness and reach by regularly maintaining their Facebook page and Instagram feed. #Ourganda

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