Restored Life Counseling

Case Study:

As a brand-new nonprofit, Restored Life Counseling needed advice and support in Office 365 setup and licensing, marketing best practices, strategic planning, and leadership coaching. Advisicon provided services to enable them to start off on the right foot with a firm foundation to build upon.

Business Situation

It’s hard to start a new nonprofit organization! Restored Life reached out to Advisicon for both support and to be a sounding board for ideas and
suggestions. They specifically needed help setting up Office 365 correctly and acquiring the correct licenses at the best cost, as well as gaining insight into best practices in marketing for maximum visibility.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon provided strategic planning consulting and support along with Office 365 tools and process consulting. After meeting with the Founder/Executive Director, our team developed a plan and set up their Microsoft 365 environment with the correct licenses, becoming their CSP. We audited their marketing efforts, assessing their website, social media presence, and branding. The Executive Director received a report with recommended changes, a brand color assessment, and general feedback on their overall organizational presence.

Benefits Received

Restored Life Counseling is now equipped with a Microsoft 365 environment and the exact licenses they need to allow efficiency and collaboration on their tasks. Not only did we save them money by identifying the least costly license that still met their needs, but the ease in which tasks could get done & documents found was increased.

For marketing, they were equipped with suggestions of what would enhance their brand recognition and the public’s attraction to them.

The Nonprofit Today

The Founder/Executive Director of Restored Life Counseling states:
“I run a small nonprofit counseling practice and research center in Vancouver. I am pretty tech-savvy, but setting up Office 365 in a way that best fits my practice is overwhelming. Advisicon has helped me to pick the right suite of office products and configuration for my practice, and that help has undoubtedly impacted the bottom line of the practice. We’re also in the beginning phases of a software development project that integrates Adobe Sign with Microsoft products in a way to streamline data collection and analysis for the research side of my practice. I am very excited about the potential for this project and the team at Advisicon has been AMAZING in helping me understand the steps in the development process.”

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