Strong Harvest International

Case Study:

Per Strong Harvest’s founder: 17,000 kids die from lack of food and water each day. Enter the Moringa tree. It’s the most nutritious plant yet discovered and it thrives in the area of the world where malnutrition is most prevalent. SHI’s mission is to spread the word! Advisicon was brought in to optimize their methods so they can easily stay on target.

Business Situation

Strong Harvest needed efficiency and productivity tools, reduced expenses, and increased funding opportunities to fulfill its mission. They wanted to increase their reach—providing training in new locations to improve the lives of impoverished families with sustainable resources found in their own backyards.

Solution Delivered

Advisicon performed a marketing audit of SHI’s website, social media, and branding. Once the audit was completed, we provided a report of actions to continue doing and where improvement was needed. Our goal was to identify areas for them to get maximum results with minimal effort. We trained them in Hootsuite to increase the effectiveness and frequency of their social media posts.

Advisicon became Strong Harvest’s Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and provisioned ten free Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses. We provided training in MS Word, Excel, Teams, and Planner.

Benefits Received

Strong Harvest International is now able to spend more time changing lives by educating families on the uses of the Moringa Tree, and not so much on the day-to-day business. By applying Advisicon’s time management skills and technology tools, SHI more efficiently handles routine tasks.

Microsoft offers nonprofit discounts for licenses and Advisicon helped SHI receive ten free MS 365 Business Premium licenses. Before this, SHI was paying monthly for each of these licenses. This freed up financial resources to put towards other necessary expenses.

The Company Today

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world hard, especially in communities that already struggle with malnutrition and other issues. SHI describes it as a health crisis, food system crisis, and economic crisis. They’re doing their part to help by distributing over 50,000 seeds and saplings across 24 countries. SHI’s founder states, “Advisicon has been incredibly helpful to us as a small non-profit, assisting us to set up our technology systems in a way that improves our teamwork, workflow, and efficiency. We just can’t recommend them highly enough.”

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